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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. : a fire in san francisco is forcing people out of their apartments in the middle of the night. a live report on the damage and evacuation. homes holding up the side of a him. new aid on the way to landslide victims in the east bay. why several houses are still in danger. good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. it is wednesday, the 30th of march. where did march go? >> it flew by quickly. >> i don't know. >> that means april is around the corner. >> i'm sydnie kohara. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. the one thing i noticed walking in my car it was warm out today. >> very, very nice. >> the first show i have done
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with this guy. >> mr. sunshine. >> mr. sunshine. >> i have never been in a show where you're not going it's really ripping out there!!! >> we don't have to do that. [ laughter ] >> we're going to watch temperatures soaring around the bay area today. should be spectacular spring weather outside! finally how about this, 73 degrees in san francisco, about 77 in oakland, 78 in san jose. how about an 80 in concord. maybe even warmer tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in a minute. right now let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> all right, thank you, lawrence. you're talking about all these good temperatures and unfortunately for the second straight morning now, we have come into work, unfortunately, we have another traffic alert. this time, it is in san lorenzo. lanes blocked, at least three lanes blocked eastbound 580 around the 238 interchange. this is the scene of a multi- vehicle accident. actually chp is still out there now conducting an investigation. for a while they were running a traffic break. right now the it sounds like just three lanes are blocked and the right lane is closed
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from 150th to 164th. we are told they expect to open more lanes in the next few minutes. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. mass transit is on time. that's a check of weather and traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> heavy shelling today from moammar qaddafi's forces is driving opposition fighters from a key oil port and two our towns in libya. today nato starts taking full control of military operations. the u.s. is stepping up its assault on libyan targets. 22 cruise missiles have been fired at weapons storage sites around tripoli yesterday and today. president obama talks about the situation in libya this morning on "the early show" here on cbs 5. erica hill asked mr. obama about efforts to get ruler moammar qaddafi to leave. >> we have ratchet up our diplomatic and political pressure on him. that's what secretary clinton's meeting with other interested parties in london was all about. >> you can see that entire
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interview with us right here on cbs 5 on "the early show" starting today at 7:00. in japan, radiation and sea water near the crippled nuclear power plant is at its highest level yet. nuclear safety officials say it's more than 3300 times the legal limit, a sign more contaminated water is leaking from the complex into the ocean but insist it's not a threat. the stress to the crisis taking its toll on the president of the plant's utility. he has been hospitalized with high blood pressure. city leaders in hercules have declared a state of emergency. four houses on carson street have been red-tagged, more are threatened, because the hill hijacked them is sliding. homes are literally holding up the side of that hill that came tumbling down in the recent rains. the wall of mud is as high as the first floor of those homes. one of the home owners gave cbs 5 a look inside. that's where the hill burst
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through windows and walls. the city of hercules is working on ways to prevent more sliding and to keep those homes from being pushed into the streets of. >> we also are looking at the possibility of what it would take to actually remove the homes. however, given that the homes are really serving as a retaining wall right now, there most certainly has to be additional steps besides just permitting the home. >> one home owner hasn't been able to move in yet. he said he should not have been able to sold the home because of the problem. people affected by the landslide in san pablo will attend a meeting this evening. six homes were damaged last week. people remain evacuated from three of those homes. the city has already declared a local emergency and tomorrow, the city council plans to consider asking governor jerry brown to declare a state of the emergency. in southern santa clara
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county, some residents trapped in their complete neighborhood because of a mud slide may be stuck at least another day. tomorrow crews hope to re-open one lane of croix road the only road to dozens of people's homes near morgan hill. a steep section of hill came down sunday bringing down trees and poles. the only way south with a four- wheel drive vehicle at this point. and in santa cruz county the board of supervisors has approved a resolution asking the governor to declare a state of emergency there. there was flash flooding in capitola last thursday and over the weekend on saturday. capitola is also expected to seek aid separately to help pay for the $10 million in damage. and nearly three weeks after a tsunami hit, santa cruz the harbor there still showing signs of the severe damage. the big waves caused by that march 11 earthquake off japan sunk 14 boats. more than 100 people turned out for a meeting last night to get updates on repair efforts. so far it's estimated there was $29 million in damage but there
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is plenty of hidden damage still being assessed. >> there's damage to the structural components underneath the docks and some of those are, you know, metal plates that are used to screw together the structural pieces. some of the docks are missing flotation underneath. >> entire docks are missing so the harbor now has more boats than places to dock them. >> former pro baseball players will take the stand once again when barry bonds' perjury trial resumes this morning. yesterday jason giambi told the court he got undetectable steroids from bonds' former trainer. giambi is one of seven athletes who testified. two other including his brother, germany, and long-time giants outfielder marvin bernard also said they got banned drugs from greg anderson. anderson is in jail for refusing to testify against bonds. cross-examination of bernard will continue today. and we want to get you to update on that developing story in san francisco.
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firefighters are at work in the sunset district right now. there is an apartment fire at 19th and lawton. they are checking to make sure there is no fire in the walls. 19th and lawton. the fire started about 3:30 this morning possibly on the second floor of that four-story apartment building. four people were treated at the scene for minor injuries. two residents have been displaced. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene and will have a live update for us shortly. >> so have you gotten outside? it feels like 60 degrees out there now. let's kick it over to mr. lawrence karnow and find out why, because 80s are in our futu i think. >> hey, it's about time! i don't think anybody is complaining. we need to dry out around the bay area and that's exactly what we're doing. check out this ridge of high pressure and you can get a sense of that rotating clockwise around the ridge meaning we have nice drying with offshore winds.
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there are a few high clouds and a couple of patches of fog at the coastline this morning. outside right now you're looking at 53 in san francisco, 49 and cool in fremont. 51 degrees in concord. and 46 degrees in the napa valley. now, by this afternoon, 82 in concord and santa rosa. they get those nice down slope winds. 82 in napa. 77 oakland, 79 fremont, 78 san jose, even out into san francisco those offshore winds continuing those temperatures running into the 70s so you get the idea, some nice dry weather coming our way. we really need it with all the rain that we have had. the ridge of high pressure will strengthen, even warmer for tomorrow, then cooling off into the weekend and, yes, there is a chance of a few showers on saturday. all right. let's get a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go back out to san lorenzo the scene of our earlier traffic alert. so yeah, within the last couple of minutes they got all lanes
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completely re-opened. turns out it was a multi- vehicle crash but one of the drivers fled the scene so chp conducted an investigation and temporarily closed all lanes for 25 minutes. but again, they now have all lanes re-opened on eastbound 580 around the 238 interchange. and we are told there is no more -- no longer a delay to traffic. and no delay on mass transit, either. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all continue to run all on time. all right. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, we're good to go here. all our bridges problem-free. nice to not have a wind advisory or a wet pavement, no puddling in the middle lanes, yeah, nice dry commute. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. the taillights are moving westbound between hayward and foster city. about a 13-minute drive there. we'll take a check of the south bay coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. a new reason to be an early bird. the airline that wants to charge you for checking your bags late. >> plus, just days after an air traffic controller fell asleep,
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another scare in the sky. the close call that has another controller suspended. and a mountain lion wanders dangerously close to a peninsula school. we'll tell you why officers say they have to shoot to kill. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an apartment fire forces people out of their homes.. in the he let's get you up to date on this story in san francisco. an apartment fire is forces people out of their homes in the middle of the night. it's at 19th and lawton near golden gate bridge. anne makovec has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. yes, streets blocked off here in san francisco sunset district. an apartment building where 40 people lived, had a fire at 3:30 this morning. here live with the battalion chief. any idea how this thing broke out? >> it appears to be an accidental kitchen fire in the original unit. >> reporter: so it started on the second floor.
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how far did this thing spread? >> it stayed within the kitchen. we got in there fairly quickly and did a quick knockdown so it was just minutes. >> reporter: let's look at some video we shot a few minutes ago after we arrived on scene here this morning. and at least two apartments are unlivable at this point. >> there's one that's unlivable and the other units, because of search and rescue efforts, we had to break doors and so the tenants will have to determine whether they feel comfortable staying there if they can secure their apartments. >> reporter: tell me about injuries. >> we had four people checked out. one person walked away on their own. one transport and two others we recommend that they get medical attention but they are going to be handling it on their own. >> reporter: so one person was taken to the hospital? >> yes. >> reporter: what kind of injuries? >> we don't see anything critical, smoke inhalation. so that's for the hospital to determine. i think it was more just to make sure she was okay. >> reporter: okay. did everybody get out easily?
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were there any narrow escapes? >> no. this was pretty basic. people did the right thing and for the most part got themselves out during our search and rescue efforts, we kept finding people inside and that just speaks to people being nervous and frightened and they hide and so i just want to recommend people when you hear alarms, get out. we got them out. >> reporter: wonderful. we have a couple of dozen people out here on the street this morning waiting to go back into their building in the san francisco sunset district. the fire broke out just after 3 a.m. >> anne, 19th is a major commuter route for a lot of people coming into the city or heading down to silicon valley. is it closed right now? >> reporter: a couple of blocks are closed. it's pretty easy to get around at this point since there is no traffic. any idea, chief, how long this is going to be closed? >> we think about another half hour here and again -- [ inaudible ]
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[ loud background noise ] >> reporter: as far as the roads around here, 19th avenue? >> that's open. we are going to make sure 19th is open. >> reporter: very good. that's going to be very good news for the commute if you can get that clear before 5 a.m., there should be no traffic issues here. >> all right, thank you very much, anne makovec in san francisco. time now is 4:45. all those storms this winter have a silver lining apparently. california's three-year drought is over. governor jerry brown will make it official today once gets the results of the season's last snow survey. at last check the sierra snowpack is at 159% of normal. and many state reservoirs are filled up, as well. so that's good news. although california's budget negotiations appear to be dead in the water, governor jerry brown says he called off talks because there is no republican support for a june special election on taxes. the governor says every gop member he spoke with believes that voters, quote, should not have this right to vote.
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unless brown agrees to an ever changing list of collateral demands. state leaders are trying to close a $15 .4 billion deficit. oakland's police chief says 50 officers are now outfitted with those lapel cameras. officers will record every stop every search and pursuit and then download their footage at the end of their shipments chief anthony batts says it's all part of the department's commitment to transpartnercy . all 350 of oakland's field officers should have the cameras by the summer. another air traffic controller was suspended after another close call. the florida controller caused a southwest airline jet to come way too close to a small private plane, according to the faa. so close, of the southwest pilots could see the other pilot. last we you may remember the faa suspended a controller in washington after he fell asleep leading to planes to land on their own in washington.
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time now is 4:46. another major recall involving tylenol. >> and we are getting a better idea of the cancer risk from those airport body scanners. >> plus the, it's not just a sugar rush. how certain food dyes could be making your kids hyper. a terrifying hour trapped in several feet of snow. this snowboarder captures his near death experience on tape. the dramatic call he made to his wife. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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neighborhood in redwood city. st saw the animal state fish & game killed a mountain lion in redwood city in a neighborhood. people first saw that afternoon mal near alameda de las pulgas near whipple avenue last night. they thought about tranquilizing the cougar in a backyard but deadly force was used because the mountain lion was aggressive. >> if the animal is hit with a dart, how is it going to react,
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where is it going to go? no matter which direction, it would go into a neighborhood. >> fish & game says there is nothing to indicate that the mountain lion suffered from any illness. a killer whale returns to performing today more than a year after it drowned a trainer at seaworld in florida. the six ton orca will swim again. trainers won't be allowed to swim with the animal again. there have been millions in safety upgrades since last year when the trainer was killed. this is an amazing story this morning. we are getting a close-up look of what it's like to be nearly buried alive. actually he was. >> a snowboarder from redding shows us his terrifying crash and the dramatic rescue he videotaped. this is james drummond. he was wearing a helmet cam while boarding at mount shasta ski park and he fell into a tree well. it's a pocket of snow at the bottom of a tree.
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it took him nearly a half hour to reach his cell phone. and his wife just happened to call him at that exact moment. >> call the ski park. i'm stuck in a tree well. give them my phone number. >> are you serious? >> i'm going to die if they don't find me. >> are you serious! >> call them!! >> i was positive i was going to die. i knew that this is what the experience involved. >> keep in mind this guy was actually upside-down, too and after his wife called for help, ski patrol found him in about 30 minutes. amazingly, he wasn't hurt. he actually took his board and skid down the rest of the way. he says he hopes his experiences can encourage others to ride safely. >> wow, scary. a lot of snow up in the
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mountains. yeah, got to be careful out there. a lot of fun. but tell you what around the bay area we are going to see the best weather that we have seen all spring long hands down. out the door a couple of high clouds outside and a few patches of fog, not too bad. most of that hugging the coastline temperatures in the 40s and 50s this afternoon. this afternoon, temperatures 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. breezy in the hills. 70s even 80s toward the afternoon and even at the coast some 60s and low 70s, too. so we are going to enjoy this sunshine while we have it. a huge ridge of high pressure building overhead. you can see it begins to dominate our weather along the west coast bringing those offshore winds to california. that means we're in for a lot of sunshine as that high will continue to build not only today but i think as we head toward tomorrow even warmer. we'll see some near record level temperatures as we head in toward the afternoon. look at these numbers. 79 degrees in morgan hill. 78 in san jose.
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feeling good there. 79 in fremont. 75 in redwood city. 68 in pacifica. east bay temperatures warming up nicely. plenty of orange on the screen, folks. just haven't seen any maps like this since last year probably. 80 in pleasant hill, 81 walnut creek, 80 concord. and 81 in pleasanton. north bay warm temperatures with down slope winds. here it come, those temperatures heating up in a hurry. 82 in santa rosa, 82 napa, 81 sonoma. you get the idea, it's one of those days we have needed for quite some time to help dry us out. it looks like it will hold through tomorrow, temperatures warming up even more. friday cooling down a little bit. over the weekend much cooler as we'll see some cold air dropping into the bay area and slight chance of showers on saturday. the sunshine returns around starts warning things up as we head in towards sunday. time now for a traffic check with elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. we are going to talk about some overnight roadwork still continuing out there especially on the dumbarton bridge.
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various lanes are blocked, from the radio towers toward the decline section in the westbound lanes of 84 so no delay. still very early. but watch out for that heading towards menlo park. 880 through oakland looks great right now as you pass the coliseum. if you are continuing southbound towards san leandro right around davis street more roadwork more lanes blocked through that stretch. again, not causing any delay but just something to be aware of. caltrans crews are out there until about 5:00 is what they're telling us this morning. all right. all the approaches to the bay bridge look great. no delay right now as you approach the pay gates. metering lights off. bart right now has no delay, 24 trains all running on time. ace and caltrain also look good. but if you ride cable cars, powell mason line continues to be shut down until friday april 1. so this friday. they're suspended service. shuttle buses are in place. they have to do some maintenance work. so you can ride the line but you have to use a shuttle bus instead. they are just telling us delays. and across the south bay, so far, so good. 60 miles per hour, 71 miles per
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hour, these are all live traffic sensors coming out of downtown san jose. very quiet. you can see a couple of headlights there on northbound 280 approaching the 880 interchange in your silicon valley commute, it looks great on westbound 237 towards san jose. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. you may want to check -- double-check your medicine cabinet this morning. johnson & johnson is recalling 34,000 bottles of tylenol. the problem? a mold and musty smell. the recall affects tylenol 8 hour caplets, 150 count. during the past year, more than 50 million bottles of tylenol, motrin and benadryl products have been recalled because of that same odor problem. today a panel is meeting to consider a possible link between artificial food
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coloring and hyperactive children. some people believe that dyes used in food can cause adhd in children. food companies using artificial dyes argue that they're safe. the panel is examined to call for more research, but not ban artificial colors. time is 4:56 now. if you traveled through an airport lately you probably have seen one of those new full body x-ray machines. a new study finds that cancer risk from the scanners is very low but it exists. an article published this week says the quick body scans contribute less than 1% of the radiation dose a flyer gets from cosmic rays in flight. a low-cost airline is now charging some passengers extra for bringing on luggage. the new spirit airlines fees do not apply to passengers who pay for their carry-on checked luggage more than 24 hours before departure time. for those who wait it's an extra $5 to pay online and ten bucks more it pay over the phone. spirit airlines does not fly
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out of the bay area. >> getting expense. >> i nickel and dime everywhere you look. the mega millions lottery ticket has been claimed. rumor has it the winners of the $319 million jackpot are seven i.t. specialists from the state of new york. >> a lottery spokesman wouldn't confirm that report. those winners though are expected to be announced tomorrow morning. >> they know who they are. >> right now they are getting all their financial planning in order. time now 4:57. radiation in japan's sea water climbs to its highest level yet. new concerns about the threat to the ocean and the people's health. plus, transfer of power in libya. president obama makes a tough decision on whether to arm rebels. we'll tell you how qaddafi's forces are taking back control. and a fire overnight in san francisco closes down some roads he and kicks dozens of people out of their homes. we'll have the latest on the scene coming up. financial aid on the way to
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landslide victims in hercules. why one home owner says he should have never been allowed to move in. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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